“Seems like just yesterday we spent the New Year’s Eve together”, chants Theory, on his track “A Soldiers Heart”, while being played in Poughkeepsie’s 96.1 Kiss FM’s top 9 countdown. Theory became the 1st independent artist to reach No. 1 in the stations history. From there, Theory marked his way in the road to become a household name and challenging force in the music industry.
Theory won the BET award for “Most Inspirational Music Video for an Independent Artist” with his song "Change”. Since its release “We’ll Be Alright”, the 1st music video to be shot on The Poughkeepsie Walkway, has garnered much attention, quickly receiving “Best Music Video” at the Las Vegas, Garden State, and Nevada Film Festivals. 
Internationally, Theory collaborated with France's dance hit DJ duo, KitSch 2.0., with their single, "Millionaire" and marked a pulsating international wave. From the clubs to the radio, "Millionaire" quickly rose to #1 at both MortalFM's top 10 in Spain and FlaixFM, the two largest radio stations in Spain, as well as over a million hits on Youtube. As the exposure expanded, Theory was able to showcase his writing abilities and pen music for upcoming acts across the globe. Theory wrote and produced songs for artists in Italy, Romania, Moldova, and the Philippines namely, Filipino sensation, Rhap Salazar, with “Now or Never”, and group 5thgen’s “Contagious”, bringing home an award from WISH 107.5 for Best Song sang by a group.
Connecting to his roots of influence, Theory released his 4th project titled, “Mirrorchild”, a journey through Theory’s life of hip hop. Channeling his inspirations such as, Nas, Jay Z, Kanye West, and producer Just Blaze, Theory aggressively elevates his place as a lyricist and story teller. Following “Mirrorchild”, dawned “Bed Full of Roses or a Pool of Blood”, a 7 track short R&B album of deep heartfelt stories of love, rejection, and acceptance.
It's a devout and certitude-based ambition that fuels the buzzing vibes behind his latest Single, "Toni Braxton," a warm track that floats buoyantly between an archipelago of shoreline connections weaving between Hip-hop, R&B, and Dancehall.
It's an egalitarian-approach to exhibiting the inspirations and cultural experiences that makes Theory a multi-diverse talent, and after all, he's said it before, "Theory is Everything." It's a nebulous ethos the East-coast rapper has adopted, and yet, it somehow makes sense when stanzas like, "my music on her phone, my name on her belly, she told me Theory is everything, I call her Machiavelli," devastate with how nonchalant they land and how keenly they shine.

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