Theory - @theoryiseverything
Rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer, Theory holds high to his slogan “Theory is Everything”. From Yonkers NY to international waters, Theory has planted his style and sound throughout regions with class and swag. Inspired by classic hip hop legends such as Nas, and pop sensations like the Black Eyed peas, it’s evident how everything can be heard from Theory! 

Featured on BUZZMUSIC 
"Theory is the NY-based Rapper and Producer hard-set on taking listeners' playlists by storm with his Island-infused Hip-hop and Dancehall amalgamated music productions.
It's a devout and certitude-based ambition that fuels the buzzing vibes behind his latest Single, "Toni Braxton," a warm track that floats buoyantly between an archipelago of shoreline connections weaving between Hip-hop, R&B, and Dancehall. 
With an oozing Soca rhythm, Theory sets a steady cadence for Toni Braxton to sail across the Island-inspired auricular sonics chaperoned by; flute hooks, twinkling triangles, and shimmering pads, the adhesive unified flow, and a sharp punch in the low-end."
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